Worry about our next life...

May we have more moments of reflection at home to think about the things that really matter in this short time we have on this earth before we move on the afterlife..

A very beautiful sharing between Neelofa and Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki yesterday. Tak sempat semalam hari ini baru tengok. I love this topic. Topics to give awareness to us that life in this world is temporary. Kehidupan di dunia yang bersifat sementara. The world is not place for us to simply have fun with. The afterlife is always to be forgotten.

**you guys can refer the video (HERE)...

Always we multiplied the acts of worship in the world to supply us in the afterlife. As we quarantined at home, try to steal time for ourselves and reflect on all the good practices that have been done in this life, whether it is necessary or not. Sekejap pun tak apa lah, ambil masa untuk bermuhasabah sepanjang kita berkuarantin ni.

I used to wonder how my life would be there if I did not have enough time to practice worship. Do I deserve to go to heaven if I do not have enough good deeds????

Life in this world do not be too lazy. There are may ways to increase our acts of worship to God. Bersedekah / zakat. Alms, deeds is practice that will accompany you in the future. 
Do not be afraid of giving. Giving will make your life longer. The more you give the more you will get back. Do not be afraid of giving. 

I always wonder that the people who did this charity are just rich people. But actually not. Because every good deeds they do will be rewarded with more sustenance. How lucky they are.

People who are afraid of giving often find it to be harmful. They feel that money is not enough to give. But you must remember that charity is one of the best deeds done. Do not be afraid to give, because it is long lasting rewards for you afterlife.

Peace and love, xoxo...

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