Alhamdulilah today day 6 fasting. How have your first few days Ramadan been? Good? Harap-harap okay lah kan. This year are my third year fasting in Korea, alhamdulillah everything went well but I'm literally miss my family. Homesick arghhh ):

Sometimes I wanna quit doing this, I want to spend my lifetime with my family like I used to. I know I didn't spend a lot of time with them, especially during Ramadan. I do miss when we are one family together fasting, wake up for sahur, prepared meal for break fasting and go to bazaar Ramadhan. Aww, I miss everything during Ramadan. We all grow up so fast now, can you believe that??

Fasting in Korea totally tough. Sahur awal tapi berbuka makin lambat. Now imsak at time 04:09am, and iftar(break fasting) at 19:18pm. Day by day imsak become more early. Yes tough guys, then iftar become more late. Oh so poor thing lah my tummy.

I know it is soooo hard ): 

I have a lot of experience during Ramadan in Korea. Last year experience like hmmmm *sigh.. Yes I know it is totally different. No bazaar. No terawih. No iftar in a group. Everything diff and yessss tough a lot!! 

KOREA PEOPLE majority are doesn't know about fasting. I just assumed, but maybe it's true. Why? Because that time lunch hour and I didn't eat and they asking me why I didn't lunch, so I said that I'm fasting today. Surprisingly yes they doesn't know it. *sigh. Of course difficult for me to explain about it, but who care. I just ignore it when they ask me again and again. HAHAHA :P

During Ramadan in Korea, I just cook by itself. Stop eating outside for a while, cause it soooo rushing. I don't wanna waste my time for every sec for walk, waiting and eating and chit chat and walk again. Arghhh, tired! Just do something diff during Ramadan because it is holy month. Be respect! Only one time in a year. Yes you can do it!

Just now I've joined one group in telegram. NEELOFA ada buat satu group telegram, then gatai tangan lah nak subscribe. Group tu memang bagus, sebab Neelofa ada share banyak sangat amalan-amalan during Ramadan, doa-doa harian. So I'm just like, WOW AMAZING ROXX. 

I'm personally trying to NOT COMPARE MY OWN PROGRESS to anyone else but myself. And I hope you'll be kind to yourself and do the same. We wanna be better than the person we were last week, or last month and Allah S.W.T is always there to help us get there, so long as we put in the effort too.

This TELEGRAM group are totally worth it if you want to join it. She has shared some tips, and this is good for myself. Just do something new during this HOLY MONTH and try to grab more PAHALA during this RAMADAN and for sure you will be not missed it.


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  1. If I'm not mistaken, Korean people are mostly animisme.
    They always get curious about religion especially in our religion.
    Used to have Korean friends and they asked a lot about fasting, prayers and all.
    Have a great Ramadan in Korea! :)