It's happen for a reason...

Hey everyone!!

I'm hoping you guys have slowly adjusted to life at home. A pat on the back for all of you who are truly respecting the official Movement Restriction Order because social distancing right now is NECESSARY and CRUCIAL for us to lessen and spread of the virus. You're not just helping yourself and your family, but you're also being mindful of everyone else's safety.

I know you may think you NEED to have meeting outside, and it will be only for a while. Yes its tempting to go out just for a little bit, but please don't. JUST TAHAN OKAY for a little bit more. It's really just more than 2 weeks.

If you're getting anxious, put on some makeup, get dressed and go to your kitchen and make a cup of tea/coffee and imagine you're at cafe. HAHAHA. Or you can call friend on Face time/Skype, do a group workout or have a chat about something other than the virus.

Sometimes we just need reminder to STAY AT HOME. So please remind all your friends and relatives just for a few days to go.

Peace and Love, xoxo..

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