Meet Mr Koala.

Welcome backkkk..

From Kuala Rompin take a bus go to KL.

Then transit few day in KL before departure to Perth Australia.

My first flight was on Oktober 15,2014 at 7am.

2014 so keding



My mom don't know bout that :P
She doesn't know I was in there..
Mintak ampun mak.. *hahaha

After graduated in diploma engineering building services (Civil Eng) dalam bulan 9 macam itu, I decided to go to Perth, Australia.

Memang kerja gila. At that time I was not alone, of course have many people on board. LOL kidding, but yes I'm alone no friends joint me that time.
A lot of things i have heard about Australia immigration and it was make me scared of course. So then, macam macam doa baca supaya all went well. And tak tidur okay.

Alhamdulillah i pass without any questions from them. Maybe sebab masa tu pun ramai orang dan ada flight lain masuk juga. Maybe that's why they don't ask me anything.

Benda dah lah tak pernah sampai, datang sorang pulak tu. Logik ke tak logik? Ibarat travel solo lah orang kata. *eee acahacah. Dari mana datang keberanian ni pun tak tahu lah aku. Sebab kan aku tak fluent english masa tu, so aku banyak berdiam jelah tak bersembang dengan sesiapa. Aww so sad :(

Young and bold lah this girl *rolling eyes

Well I don't know how..

That time I just follow the direction yang dorang bagi. Naik shuttle bus go to the domestic terminal and waiting for them. Zasssss settle. Starting that day my life was change.
I fell in love with this country.


First #ootd *hahaha

Fremantle i miss this place. Damn.

Adventure World with another friend.

Perth City every weekend.

The best ever kambing. Charcoal Chicken. *that's are portion for one person to eat


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